RackPing Monitoring API 2.0 Errata
List of minor API changes made after the API PDF documentation was previously published.

The API PDF is linked on https://www.rackping.com/api.html.

- 2020-03-01 add tags array of strings to checks requests and responses.

  Sample tags JSON response element:

  "tags":["fe", "web"]

- 2020-09-25 all boolean values (40 total) changed to int32, so requests and responses using false/true changed to 0/1.
  (This was done to work around limitations in OpenAPI library dependencies where input parameters set to false were being silently omitted.)

        Old OpenAPI input spec:

           type: boolean

        New OpenAPI input spec:

           type: integer
           minimum: 0
           maximum: 1

- 2020-10-04 It's recommended to look at the client sample programs for possible changes from POST/PUT on checks (monitors) and contacts (users).
  Generally, POST is add and PUT is update now, following popular REST APIs best practices:


- 2020-10-14   Free accounts only allow one contact (user) and one check (monitor.) So the sample API scripts for add and delete check and contact will not succeed, likewise the demo.sh and demo_all.sh test harnesses. Please upgrade to a paid RackPing account. Paid accounts allow adding checks and contacts up to your plan limits.

- 2020-11-05 add contact with more input parameters

   lang [en]
   timezone [America/Los_Angeles]
   password []
   sendemail [0]